Assorted Lilacs

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'Beauty of Moscow' (Krasavitsa Moskvy)

Pure white large double flowers contrast beautifully with soft pink bud. Outstanding fragrance and weather resistance with vigorous upright growth. Flowers grow on dense large trusses. One of the Russian lilac introductions. (Kolesnikov 1974)
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'Dwight D. Eisenhower'

A very large flowered pale to medium blue single lilac. Heavy multi-petaling is common. Named for the World War 2 General and 34th American President (1953-1961). (Fenicchia 1969)
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'Frank's Fancy'

A very large, dark purple, single lilac introduced by Weston Nursery. This lilac was named for a friend of the late Ed Mezitt who took a fancy to the seedling.
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'Frederick Law Olmsted'

Named for the father of landscape architecture. This is a single white, very precocious lilac. While individual flowers are small, the plant more than makes up by the sheer number of trusses produced. Plant habit remains compact, a trait that makes it easily identified. (Photo credit R.E. Hoepfl)
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'George Eastman'

I almost didn't include this in our 2005 catalog since it is very difficult to propagate even by micropropagation. This cultivar is compact, finer textured than most lilacs, very fragrant and a lovely rosy purple color. We have lots of lilacs growing at the nursery but I have only one in my small yard at home and it's 'George Eastman'. (Fenicchia 1978)
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'Lilac Sunday'

Selected and introduced by the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, this is a graceful, broad spreading lilac with delicate and more profuse flowers than most Chinese Lilacs. Flowers are very fragrant and produced at every terminal so they can be enjoyed by children at 3 feet as well as 6 foot adults.(Photo credit J.H. Alexander III copyright(1999)
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‘Monge’ is an outstanding showy red to purple lilac. Gaspard Monge was a French mathematicican and physicist.
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'Monique Lemoine'

The flowers are pure white, fully double (hose-in-hose) and fragrant. A very vigorous grower, this is an important trait for a white lilac. Father Fiala described this lilac as "very fine and showy". (Lemoine 1939)
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