Assorted Lilacs

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‘Monge’ is an outstanding showy red to purple lilac. Gaspard Monge was a French mathematicican and physicist.
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'Monique Lemoine'

The flowers are pure white, fully double (hose-in-hose) and fragrant. A very vigorous grower, this is an important trait for a white lilac. Father Fiala described this lilac as "very fine and showy". (Lemoine 1939)
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Old Glory

Dark, blue-purple, fragrant flowers with fuller, more rounded habit than Declaration (p. 4).
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President Lincoln

For many years this lilac was considered the bluest lilac
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Red Roth Magensis

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'Sister Justina'

Eric Welzel sent this plant to us. He said we really needed to propagate 'Sister Justina' because it just wasn't available and is an exceptional lilac. This is a compact, fragrant, heavy blooming single white lilac. (Skinner 1956)
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'Superba' - Daphne Lilac'

The Daphne Lilac is not well known because traditional propagation is difficult. Flowers are red in bud, pink when open and serenely fragrant. It often flowers more than once, heavily in June and lightly in August. No mildew, mature height 7'.
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Tristie Barbaro

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