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Large flowers with ruffled petals, deep pink in the grooves, paler in the center with a yellow glow over the pink. Rusty orange fall color. This plant actually stops traffic when it blooms in our yard.
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'Mount St. Helens'

An explosion of color when in bloom. Flowers are multicolored but the overall effect is a bright, luminescent pink-orange.
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Exbury Azalea, produces ruffled white petals with a bright yellow blotch.
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'Peachy Keen'

Voted the most favorite Azalea by our nursery crew- 'Peachy Keen' Azalea is probably only three-quarters the size of most Azaleas. The rusty buds open to large flowers with a salmon-tangerine-yellow color, and are fragrant.
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'Pink and Sweet'

Another hardy (-29 F) summer blooming azalea. The earliest of the three summer blooming azalea produces flowers in mid June. Flowers are pink with a lighter pink eye and yellow flare and a wonderful splanty fragrance. Another of the candy series from Weston; they list it as "one of the best".
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Weston’s Lemon Drop

Pale yellow flowers with a delicious lemony scent.
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'Weston's Parade'

This summer blooming azalea graces our garden with flowers somewhere between the last week of June and the 4th of July. Parade has fragrant dark pink flowers with an orange eye giving it a luminescent quality. Growth is wide upright. 4th of July series from Weston Nursery; again very hardy.
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