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Knight Hollow Nursery, micropropagating grapes!!! 

Explore the different varieties of grapes and services such as the lab to see if KHN is right for you.

KHN can propagate other varieties if supplied minimum order requirement is met. Please call us for your specific needs and questions.


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Marquette(includes $0.75 royalty)

Marquette, the newest introduction from the University of Minnesota, is a cousin of Frontenac and grandson of Pinot Noir. KHN now has a license to propagate Marquette, so we are extending our availability of this grape to customers who may not be licensed. Viticulturally, Marquette is exceptional. Resistance to common diseases like mildew and black not has been above average. $0.50 per plant royalty to the University of Minnesota.
From €1.96

Somerset Seedless

The hardiest seedless table grape available. Vines show good vigor and produce medium sized clusters of small berries. The lovely red-organe fruit has avery sweet, wonderful taste. Somerset has done well even in hardiness zone 3.
From €1.48