Hybrid Rhododendrons

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'April Reign'

A small-leafed plant with excellent growth habit, heavily branched. Flowers are semi-double, ruffled and iridescent pink. (A Melquist introduction.)
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'Boule de Neige'

Excellent compact mounded growth habit with clusters of frilled white flowers. One of the best large-leafed Rhodies for the north.
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From €0.93

'Henry's Red'

Large-leafed Rhodie that has remained popular because it is a good, hardy, red. A salesman at Weston Nursery plantked the plant out of a field of seedling Rhodies, said if they could get him a couple of thousand he could sell them. Obviously, his name was Henry.
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Light pink flowers on a small-leafed plant. Plant growth is low with leaves turning a copper-bronze in fall. Blooms about one week later than P.J.M., one of its parents. (A Weston Nursery introduction.)
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'Molly Fordham'

A glossy green, small-leafed Rhodie, similar in habit to P.J.M. but with white flowers. Named for the wife of Al Fordham, a great plant propagator at the Arnold Arboretum. (A Weston Nursery introduction.)
From €0.93

'P.J.M. - compact form'

Growth habit is wider than tall but with all the other characteristics of P.J.M. Our plant is from the late Jim Cross at Environmentals on Long Island.
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'P.J.M.' - resistant form

This plant has the ornamental characteristics of P.J.M. but shows some tolerance to Rhizoctonia and Phytophthora root rot organisms that may be a problem in some container systems and heavy soils.
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