Albert F. Holden

Named for the founder of the Holden Arboretum in Northern Ohio. Large open panicles with petals deep purple on the inside and silvery lavender on the reverse so when the wind blows, the color moves in waves; moderately fragrant. Foliage is dark green and very disease resistant (7').
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'April Reign'

A small-leafed plant with excellent growth habit, heavily branched. Flowers are semi-double, ruffled and iridescent pink. (A Melquist introduction.)
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'Autumn Brilliance'™ (includes $0.75 royalty)

(5717) A small tree (20') with exceptional fall color. Introduced by Will Wandell's Discov-Tree Research ($0.75 royalty). Probably the oldest and most requested and planted grandiflora.
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'Beauty of Moscow' (Krasavitsa Moskvy)

Pure white large double flowers contrast beautifully with soft pink bud. Outstanding fragrance and weather resistance with vigorous upright growth. Flowers grow on dense large trusses. One of the Russian lilac introductions. (Kolesnikov 1974)
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'Belle de Nancy'

Considered one of the best double pinks and one of Lemoine's best known for Nacy, France where the Lemoine nursery was located.
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'Boule de Neige'

Excellent compact mounded growth habit with clusters of frilled white flowers. One of the best large-leafed Rhodies for the north.
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Large flowers with ruffled petals, deep pink in the grooves, paler in the center with a yellow glow over the pink. Rusty orange fall color. This plant actually stops traffic when it blooms in our yard.
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Dark redish-purple, fragrant flowers and very clean foliage in tradtional grwoing areas . A new introduction from the U.S. National Arboretum.


A stunning Japanese dwarf plant with white flower heads. Flowers appear early mid- summer, 4-5 weeks ealier than other selections. Flowers turn pink in late summer and foliage remains a healthy mid- dark green. An ideal choice for small spaces; 4' tall x 3' wide in 5 year. Hardy zones 3-8. - Photo credit(Rick,Crower,Hawksridge,farms.)
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'Dwight D. Eisenhower'

A very large flowered pale to medium blue single lilac. Heavy multi-petaling is common. Named for the World War 2 General and 34th American President (1953-1961). (Fenicchia 1969)
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