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A stunning Japanese dwarf plant with white flower heads. Flowers appear early mid- summer, 4-5 weeks ealier than other selections. Flowers turn pink in late summer and foliage remains a healthy mid- dark green. An ideal choice for small spaces; 4' tall x 3' wide in 5 year. Hardy zones 3-8. - Photo credit(Rick,Crower,Hawksridge,farms.)
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'Friendship' Blueberry

A chance find in Friendship, Wisconsin of a hardy, half-high blueberry (3-4'). Fruits are late, large and tasty; high fruit production. Friendship has some of the best fall color of any plant in our nursery - luminescent pink turning to scarlet, then purple.
From €0.90

'Milky Way Select'

Select clone of a seedling produced from the 'Milky Way' originally offered by Wayside Gardens. Selected for its heavy and long lasting flower display which is produced slightly later than the species. It also has an exceptional fruit display. Plant form is rounded to widely vase shaped with a mature height of 20.(Photo credit J. Frank Schmidt and Son Co.)
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Nero - Aronia

Beautiful, small, white flowers cover this plant in the spring, glossy violet-black berries hang on the plant in the summer and fall
From €1.06

'Oakleaf' Vaughn's Lillie™ PP#12982 (includes $0.75 royalty)

Vaughn's Lillieā„¢ has an upright, broadly rounded growth habit but it is compact due to the shortened internodes. This plant will be 4 high and 5 wide at 10 years of age. The large conical flowers have showy white sepals and are produced from June through September. Fall foliage turns a spectacular plum wine color. This plant is introduced by Billingsley Wholesale Nursery. ($0.70C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Testing2\plant royalty)
From €1.95

Populus tremula 'Erecta'

Upright European Aspen Narrow, fastigiated tree, originally from the forests of Sweden. KHNs selection is from specimens in the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. This cultivar is adapted to the colder climates in the mid and northern U.S and hardy to zone 2. Mature height is 40 with a 10 spread. Seedless.
From €0.98

'Rosea'- Pink Mountain Silverbell

Lovely and delicate light pink clusters of bell-like flowers in spring make this a show-stopping tree. The inch and one half long, 4-winged fruits can also add year-round interest. Our fully hardy parent plant is in the U.W. Arboretum, the tree is multi-stemmed and 15 to 20 feet tall.
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