Species Rhododendrons

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'Cornell Pink'

A true sign of spring is when Cornell Pink flowers with the Forsythia. Our parent plant has been growing in the University of Wisconsin Arboretum for many years, blooming dependably.
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'Madison Snow'

This selection was made for its early, large, pure white flowers. In Wisconsin the plant is deciduous but may be semi-evergreen in milder climates. Winter bark is yellow adding special interest. Growth habit is vigorous and upright.
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mucronulatum - 'Nana' A KHN introduction, clear purple flowers top this spatulate-leafed, very dwarf plant. Fall color, shown at right, is a wonderful mahogany. Mature height only 18 inches.
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Rhododendron yedoense poukhanense - Korean Azalea

Spreading habit with dark, fuzzy, green summer foliage and excellent red-purple fall color. The variety poukhanense has large, single rose-pink flowers in mid-May.
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Roseshell Azalea

An extremely hardy deciduous azalea that is native from New Hampshire to Virginia. Flowers are bright pink with a clove fragrance. Fall color is reddish-orange.
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