Woody Ornamentals - Amelanchiers

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'Autumn Brilliance'™ (includes $0.75 royalty)

(5717) A small tree (20') with exceptional fall color. Introduced by Will Wandell's Discov-Tree Research ($0.75 royalty). Probably the oldest and most requested and planted grandiflora.
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Large open panicles with petals deep purple on the inside and silvery lavender on the reverse so when the wind blows…
From €1.00

'Prince William'

A multi-stemmed (10') shrub selected for large Not only large fruits but tasty as well - if you beat the birds! Still all the lovely characteristics of the genus - pretty flowers, good fall color and lovely winter bark. (Photo credit Tom Watson)
From €0.93

'Princess Diana'

A small (20') spreading tree with beautiful floral display, good fall color and edible fruits. Habit can be single or multi-stemmed. Princess Diana was the Wisconsin Nursery Association Plant of The Year for 2004. (Photo credit Tom Watson)
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From €1.00